Kalah Voorhies Irving

Profile Updated: July 16, 2013
Residing In: Skiatook, OK USA
Spouse/Partner: Troy
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Occupation: Vascular/ Interventional Technologist
Children: Marisa, age 19 (his)
Christian, age 16 (mine)
Hannah, age 16 (his)
Mackenzie, age 12 (mine)
Yes! Attending Reunion

You know, if I hadn't ran in Tommy Flanagan a few weeks ago I could've just gone on assuming that all 900-something of you had just dropped off the face of the earth. High school to me back then was just a chore I had to suffer through until I got on with my REAL life(?). Now, I'm having such a blast reading about all these amazing people I share this collective experience with. I'm grateful to whomever this idea/website belongs to. Anyhoo, here's my life story: I graduated high school and started college at TJC (TCC). Got married and had my son REAL young. I have great memories of being a mom, not so much the guy I was married to. I was even related by marriage to Candace Corcoran during our first marriages when our babies were little. Yeah, good times...NOT. I'm glad to see that she, like myself, has moved on to better days. Note to Candace-you're lookin' good, girl. your boys are beautiful. :) Then I had my little girl and finished college. I treaded water for a few years and then in 2000 applied to recieve God's gift to silly young girls-a divorce. I then bought my very own house in Owasso and proceeded to raise my two kids solo. Right after 9/11 I met the best man I know, my husband Troy. After 6 (yep, 6) years of being a couple in two separate houses we got married last August. My job is great- I help put stents in people's arteries, coils in their aneurysms, and every once in a while stop them from bleeding to death. Otherwise I'm at a kid's sporting event (soccer, tennis, or cross country) or out dancing with my husband.

School Story:

When my son was in the 6th grade we had to go out and buy him some new shorts for gym class. I was annoyed about how much i was paying for these shorts he HAD to have. I told him that when I was in 6th grade all the girls had to wear the same thing: a one piece, zip-up-the-front, blue and white horizontal striped cotton ensamble (don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about). He burst out laughing. After he finally caught his breath he asked me if I was in special ed.

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