Kevin Taylor

Profile Updated: July 16, 2013
Residing In: Broken arrow, OK USA
Spouse/Partner: Allison Taylor
Occupation: School Administration
Children: Grant Alan Taylor - born 6-2-03

Yes! Attending Reunion

Well since graduation I received my Degrees from NSU --I taught at NIHS for 9 years and had a successful coaching career in multiple sports. In 2005 I quit to join the Tulsa Police Department. I was denied an appointment because of political reasons. ie... wifes family has many officers already there, so I worked retail for a few years. This year in 2008 I am rejoining education as an administrator. I remarried in 2003 to a BA grad of 1994. Her name was Allison Steele. We have 1 son together and she has a daughter from a previous marriage.

I am so glad to see this site up -- its been a riot seeing all messages. I still keep in touch with very few people from our class. My closest friend I met way back when i moved to BA in 8th grade - Neal Riggins and I became friends and never looked back. We even stayed friends after living together for 2 years while in college. Though he lives in Dallas, we try to see each other 3 to 4 times a year and we talk weekly. I also keep in touch with Tommy Flanigan - Mark Ott - and Marc Collins.

June 28th 2008..We just returned from a trip to San Diego - what a blast!
I cant wait to post some new pics of my family here..

School Story:

Well I didnt make it to many parties and what can i say i didnt realize how nerdy i was until college.. I have too many dumb college stories and too few from HS. but here is a few to continue the laughs

My sophomore year in yearbook had to have been one of the highlights - The only time i ever got in trouble was for running my mouth in class. I told the teacher to stick some papers where the sun doesnt shine - well that was the straw... because i had already been busted for using profane language numerous times and mumbled various words under my breath, so I took a trip to the office - My dad told the principal to "whip my ass" so he did and he also suspended me for 3 days.

High School for me revolved around cruising Memorial. Gas was cheap (about 60-75 cents a gallon), Cars were cool, and we would chase girls up and down Memorial for hours. I remember my Senior year being in Chemistry 2 with the "pervert teacher". The girls would go up and smile at him and he'd give the test answers. I also remember Deanne Dutton helping me pass Biology class when i was a sophomore. Sheila and I will be forever grateful. Thank god she new what she was doing!!!

ok after reading everyones pages and laughing myself to tears!! I have to admit something. Neal Riggins and myself were driving back from a basketball game in Owasso -- we were in Neals new subaru - he would rev up the motor and dump the clutch to peal out - that poor car!!! anyway - I believe that Kenny Warlick and a Mike Johnson possibly were trying to pass us on 169. I dropped trow and stuck my butt out the window as they were driving by. Neal about had a wreck from trying to get me to put my pants on and keeping the car on the road...

One other time - We were in Jenks - it had recently snowed / iced and we were at the corner of 81st and yale. I was goofing off with my chevelle and revved up the motor on the ice. Well needless to say i did a 180 and nearly ended up falling into a 20 ft revene on just east of yale. I panicked - neal soiled himself - and well we didnt fall in - thank god. I think i drove 15mph the rest of the way home...

I also remember my 18th birthday - Neal and Mark Ott and Myself were cruising around - we pulled into a QT or whatever and they went inside. Somehow Mark ended up with beer and they joined forces to get me a present.... well needless to say they waisted their money on a gag gift that soon littered memorial drive. They spent 6 bucks on a "playgirl" just to see the looks on my face. Ya know for giggles - someone just might get one of those at our reunion dinner as payback...

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