Melanie Prescott Barrow

Profile Updated: September 30, 2008
Residing In: Tulsa, OK USA
Spouse/Partner: Kristopher (Kris) Married for 17 years
Occupation: Stay at home mom, wait, I'm never at home!
Children: Sterling, born 1994
GraceAnn, born 1997
Olivia, born 2004
Yes! Attending Reunion

My husband and I were married in 1990 we have 3 beautiful girls, Sterling 13, GraceAnn 10 and Olivia 4. My girls are my life. We spend many hours at football games (Sterling is a dancer with dreams of being a Union Highstepper)and President of DFY (Drug Free Youth) Gracie plays soccer, recreational and competative. Many games and practices. I never would have thought my kids would be Union Redskins (what a traitor I am) both girls are honor roll students and in advanced classes. Everything I wasn't! I'm so proud of them. Right now Olivia just hangs out with Mom.

For eleven years I worked at a nuclear and environmental consulting firm in the HR department. In 2004 I quit to stay home and take care of my girls. That's what I do now plus spending a lot of time at the elementary school.

School Story:

I had some great best friends and I guess they made the experience tolerable. I just have to add this, my very first best friend was Jeff West. We met when we were six years old and he came to my house and wanted to know if "the little girl that talks funny could come out and play". We had just moved here from Mississippi so I had a really strong southern draw. I would've gone to North but we moved and I ended up at South so Jeff and I lost touch.
I tried to be friendly to everyone and on a couple of occasions I was put into some situations that no one should ever have to be in, especially not a 17 year old kid.
(Since we're all pushing 40 I guess it doesn't hurt to divulge this information.) I never dated anyone from BA although I did have a couple of crushes, a guy named Danny, (I can't remember his last name) and Jeff Moore (class of 87). I think he dated Kelly Roberts forever! He knew I was crushing and he toyed with me so I just made a game out of it and moved on. I dated Union guys (once again a traitor)! I played the flute in the Pride and lucky for me, my Senior year, I chaired just high enough to play the piccolo. It would have been difficult to play the flute without one since the last day of school my Junior year someone stole mine out of Coach Harpers class. Anybody know who that might have been?! My grandmother bought me that flute (she passed away in 1991 at the age of 91) we searched many pawn shops looking for it unfortunately it was never recovered.
I do wish I had been more out going. I always wanted to be a Tigette but never had the courage to try.
I don't know why, but since graduating, I've never had a desire to go back to Broken Arrow for anything. I did go to the ten year reunion and it was nice to see people I hadn't seen in that time. Hoping to see more at the twenty.

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