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Melody Horn (Bewley)

- Melody Louise (Bressman) Bewley, 22, homemaker, died Thursday.
Services 2 p.m. Tuesday, First Baptist Church. Christian Funeral Home.

Memories // Keep Them Safe In a Memory Book

By Brandon Watkins
When Kelli Horn's boyfriend and sister died within four weeks of
one another, she was left with regrets and a real test of faith.
`I was extremely angry for a long time,` Horn said. `I wondered
'Why does God let this happen?'`
Robert Niles was a 24-year-old quadriplegic Horn had been dating
only a few months when he was involved in a car accident that
killed two others and sent him to the hospital for more than a year
before he died.
`He had just turned 24 when he died,` Horn said. `A week later, my
sister was saying she didn't feel good. The doctors were saying it
was like pneumonia and said in about four weeks she should be better.
`I remember saying to her, 'Just think, only two more weeks and
then you'll be better.'`
Unfortunately, Melody Bewley, a mother of three, didn't get
better. She died of a rare lung disease on Thanksgiving day 1992.
`I remember thinking, 'She won't die because Rob just died,'` Horn
said. `We'd been praying and fasting and at that point we were angry.`
Though the tragedies made Horn question her faith, ultimately it
made her realize her family, faith and memories were priceless to her.
Horn realized there would be no more moments left to spend with
Melody or Robert and she was left wishing her times with the two
had been better documented. Before Robert died, she began piecing
together, in an album, photographs of them as well as cards and
information about him.
`I wanted to let him know that people cared,` she said.
Then Horn learned about `Creative Memories` photo albums and how
to create lasting albums filled with memories and explanations of
those memories.
This year, Horn, a Broken Arrow Medical Center personal assistant,
began teaching classes in creating the albums filled with
attractively displayed photos, clip art and inspirational sayings.
Creative Memories is a nationwide line of photo-safe albums that
are acid-free and lignin-free, so they won't yellow or destroy a
picture as some albums will.
So far, Horn has taught 65 people how to start a Creative Memories
album. She holds monthly workshops on how to decorate the albums,
through Broken Arrow's Community Education program. She also
teaches in her home, where she can be reached at 451-3347, or in
customers' homes.
Making the albums brought the 25-year-old Broken Arrowan closer to
her family and made her determined never to miss out on preserving a memory.
`We take pictures of almost everything we do,` Horn said. `My Mom
does the albums, as does my sister.`
The people who receive Horn's albums like them as well.
`When my nieces and nephews read this, I want them to know they're
important,` she said. `These are hope books or an encouragement book.`
Obviously, they like the albums. Her niece Brittany made a drawing
and on the back wrote, `To: my scrapbook. From: Brittany.`
`People don't realize the importance of family until it's too
late,` Horn said. `I would like to be making more memories with my
sister, but it's too late. I would like people to do that now
before it's too late for them.`

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03/06/08 09:16 PM #2    

Steve Hayman

After high school I became very good friends with Melody's family. She has 3 lovely girls. Her sister's boyfriend Rob Niles (87) just died in October. He and I had become best friends then Melody passed away. This was a tough time for their family and friends. I remember what an awesome mother she had become.

03/12/08 09:40 AM #3    

Robin Tidwell (Atterberry)

I lived in Vandever Estates with Melody until 3-4th grade. She had the whitest hair and eyebrows when we were young--even lighter than mine!! We used to spend all day outside in the summer--back when your parents could let you leave the house in the morning and not worry about you when you didn't come home til dusk. I can remember when they were just developing the neighborhoods to the south and west of Vandever Elementary and one day it was raining and the land was nothing but acres and acres of mud. We had a blast sliding around and just getting caked with mud. I also remember listening to her Dolly Parton albumn and singing our hearts out to "Hear We Go Again". And boy could she torment her little sisters!! Melody and I both lost our fathers when we were very young and I always felt a bond with her. I never met her husband but he was lucky to have such a wonderful person as a wife and mother to his children.

03/25/08 04:31 PM #4    

John Carter

I had at least one class with her, although my parents were friends of theirs (the Bressman's). She sticks out as being a determined, kind person with a lot of tenacity and class, just like the rest of her family. Even though we were just classmates, she gave me a class picture and I still have it to this day. I remember my mother relaying the story of her passing and it still saddens me. Her family has been through so much and has always come out on top. She is missed...

04/25/08 12:24 PM #5    

Jules Marshall (King)

I'm so sorry to hear about Melody. I was hoping to contact her again after all these years via the website. She was a good friend to me during my year in the US (from England). We came from different worlds but had a lot in common - music, clothes, hair, boys - all the usual teenage girl stuff. She was very straightforward, honest and friendly. Thank you for being so welcoming Melody. You are in my thoughts.

05/05/08 01:23 AM #6    

Kim Hicks

I knew Melody during High School and got to know her and her family more after High School. What an incredible family. I remember having bible studies at her house. I know she was loved by her family tremendously and Melody was such a great joy to be around. She was always having fun and always could put a smile on your face. I remember when her sister told me about her passing away and like the article said Kelly's husband who i knew from childhood had passed away, I was really devistated, to think that two people I had grown up with was taken away in a matter of a month. I think that was the first time that I had really felt the loss of a friend. I know these things happen, but it never minimizes the sorrow. Melody will always be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Once again try and treat those you know as if it was their last breathe. We will see you on the other side.

05/14/08 11:57 PM #7    

Melody Horn (Family Of) (Bewley)

Thank you so much for sharing all of your memories of Melody. I have been sharing these posted memories with Melody's daughters, Melody's parents, and the rest of our family.
It really means alot to our family that she is still remembered and loved.

08/28/08 03:43 PM #8    

Brad Lawson

I grew up next door to her and her family.We used to have a lot of fun as kids. I think at one point we were boyfriend girlfriend during elementary at Vandever. I still cant believe she's gone. I will miss her always and much love to her family.

09/13/08 12:02 AM #9    

Debbie Jarvis (Nelson)

I remember Melody from band and she was always so sweet. I was so shocked to find out that she had passed away...and so young. I know she is missed by all who knew her.

04/11/11 10:58 AM #10    

Melody Horn (Family Of) (Bewley)

A non-profit grief recovery organization was founded in Melody's honor and memory in July 2010. "Like" One Melody's page on Facebook.

08/25/11 09:47 PM #11    

Kristi Ramsey (Sturgeon)

Melody was such a sweet person.  She died way too young.  She will be missed.

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