Roger Headrick

Profile Updated: September 28, 2008
Residing In: Kuwait
Occupation: Independent Military Contractor
Children: Christian Tyler

Yes! Attending Reunion

Lies, Rumors, and Innuendos!!!!

I thought this one would be easy to fill out (not really that easy).

I went to NEO for a while after graduating with you guys. There are some stories from that era, but I won't bother you with the details. I roommated with Dustin Smith for a while, then Robert Masefield (you fill in the blanks).

What has really taken up the bulk of my adult, and professional life is the United States Army. I served for 13 years.

The highlights of my Army Career were becoming an US Army Ranger, a Paratrooper, and being selected for Special Forces. I had some really good duty stations with the Army in Hawaii, Florida, and Ft. Bragg NC.

The Army took me to Australia, Guam, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Krygastan, and the Bahamas.

I have been to Amsterdam about 4 or 5 times, and I once partied there a whole month one night.

I went to the Phillipines for about three weeks in the beginning of 08.

I also deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division, as a Platoon Sergeant, to Afghanistan and Iraq(respectfully).

I was on patrol in the Doura neighborhood of Bagdad and I saw a young Iraqi boy (about 8) with an Oklahoma Sooners sweat shirt on (wish I would have had my camera that day).

I currently work on a small desert camp in Kuwait about 10 miles off of the Iraqi border (very French Foreign Legion like). I train Soldiers, Sailors, Airmaen, Marines, Australians, British, Moldovians, Georgians (before this flair up with the Russians, they have all re deployed to Georgia now), Tongans, Macedonians, Dutch, and various other coalition forces prior to them departing into the Iraq theatre of battle. I train these deploying forces on Close Quarter Marksmanship CQM, Close Quarter Battle CQB, Urban Operations UO, Longe Range Marksmanship LRM/SDM, Pistols, Defensive/Evasive driving with Humvees, and Protective Services Detail PSD (Body Guard Stuff).

I have a really great girlfriend named Marianne, and a really smart English Bull Dog named Cuba. Sometimes Cuba helps me with my taxes, but only the foreign earned income section, and she knows calculus(see I told you she is smart).

I guess when I am finished here in Kuwait, I will start up a Millitant Wing of the Salvation Army. The primary mission will be conducting raids and ambushes on spoiled citizens taking clothes and appliances from them, and then giving the stuff to people more deserving. Let me know if you are intrested. It is only in the planning stages.

Any of you guys/gals who went to college and got an English degree..... I don't want to hear about the grammarical errors on this page.

Here are some pictures from my life.

P.S. I am really proud to be from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I think I was well prepared for the world when I left there.

One more thing. On my playlist below you will find Kristin Chenowith, she is a Broken Arrow Alumni from 86 or 87. She is a pretty famous girl, and does a hell of a cover on Witchy Woman.

School Story:

Yeah,..... maybe I will tell some later.

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