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Occupation: Director of Special Education
Yes! Attending Reunion

Well, let's see.....I went to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Jr. College for 2 years and played softball. Was recruited to Missouri Western State University in 1990 to play softball and moved to St. Joseph, MO. (Just an hour south of the Iowa border) Received a BS in Elementary Education/Special Education and taught special education (K-4) in Gower, MO for 5 years. Decided I needed a change of pace so I took a job at a correctional facility in St. Joseph, MO. Was there 2 years. Went back to public schools and have been working just south of Kansas City, MO for the past 8 years as the Director of Special Education. While I was teaching, I went back to school and received a MS in Higher Education Administration(for some reason, I thought I wanted to be an athletic director for a university, what the hell was I thinking) So, went back to school, AGAIN.....and received an Education Specialist degree (36 hours beyond your masters)in Special Education Administration and got principal's certification..........No more school for me. That is about it. Was in school 10 years beyond HS and cringe every month when I make my student loan payment. I hated that I missed the 10 year reunion. I will definitely be there for the 20th. Thank goodness for Kathleen looking me up on In fact, I just got off the phone (3-way) with Kathleen and Heidi. It was so good to talk to the two of them. I am soooooo excited to get in touch with so many people.

School Story:

Kathleen, Heidi and I talked for an hour and a half this evening about old times......

The time we were on Evans road....I believe everyone was extremely intoxicated......I got out of the backseat of Kathleen's sister's car, grabbed a hold of the window and it shattered. We decide to drive to a car wash to clean it up......I threw up all in the backseat on the way there.(I believe Julie Reed and Heidi were in the back with me) Dustin and Kathleen were in the front seat with Colleen. We get to the car wash, Dustin is putting a quarter in the towel machine and it wouldn't give him a towel (b/c it was fifty cents, not a quarter) He starts beating on the damn thing and the alarm to the car wash goes off and the police were on their way.....Thank goodness for my Nannie. She only lived a couple of blocks away and we hid out there until the coast was clear.

I will write more stories later...

Like growing up with Amy Duensing, playing kick the can, me, Amy and Heidi getting in a wreck in my little Ford Escort, Amy's mom always saying, "AAAAMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY"....They're all unforgettable memories....

Attending Saturday night blow out (07/20/13)


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Shelbie Dalton has a birthday today.
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Shelbie Dalton has a birthday today.
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