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12/19/08 04:54 PM #1785    

Jamey Hooper

Merry Christmas class of 88! Everyone be safe and have a wonderful holiday. I'll be up north in the cold and snow. Let's get together in 09! Love you guys!

God bless,

12/19/08 08:46 PM #1786    

Natalie Sorgnard (Large)

It doesn't look like I will make it to the dirty dirtys- but I will be there in spirit. Enjoy! Have a good one, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and all that good stuff. Keep it simple, keep it real, have fun and don't be too serious! And most importantly-PEACE ON EARTH!

12/22/08 08:02 PM #1787    

Jennifer Fisher

I talked with Marquita tonight. She had her other surgery this morning. They took the stint out and she was not leaking fluid at all. Thanks for the prayers.

12/23/08 10:15 PM #1788    

Mark Holwick

Merry Christmas, Class of '88!

We've had a mild winter in Denver so far. But the mountains have had the dumps they've been waiting for.

John David and I will be celebrating Christmas with Midnight Mass tomorrow night. Drinks at the neighborhood bar after. Of course.

Dinner at friends' on Christmas Day. I don't have to cook! We're bringing the desserts--flourless chocolate cake and pecan pie. And the Old Fashioneds.

My parents, who still live in Broken Arrow, are at my sister's and her family's in Austin. (JD and I stormed Austin for Thanksgiving.)

JD and I will be in the mountains for New Year's Day Weekend. Hot tub and grill is all I know. (Living in the city, I never get a home-grilled burger!)

It has been a tight Christmas this year, economy and all. But we both have our jobs, and we're very thankful for our family and friends. Hope all is well for everyone else.

Again, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

12/24/08 09:05 AM #1789    

Carol Berry

Merry Christmas to ALL & I Hope everyone has a blessed year!!

12/24/08 01:35 PM #1790    

Dee Christner

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone.

Doesnt look like we will be making it to Dirty's old brain forgot we had prior plans that night. Hope everyone has fun!

We need to get together after the new year...McNellies on January 10th around 7pm to celebrate my birthday!!!

12/24/08 05:03 PM #1791    

Tommy Flanagan

Hope everyone has a Merry and blessed Christmas this year! I can not believe the year is almost to an end! The highlight of my year was connecting with old friends and the new ones I made from high school! 2009 hopes to be a wonderful year! This is the year I and most of us turn 39 for the rest of our lives!

Dee- wow, you are older than me! Mine is Jan. 19th and I will be celebrating it at you know where!



12/25/08 04:41 PM #1792    

Carri Blank (Dirks)


Tommy some of us may be older than you but aleast we don't look our age!

12/26/08 08:50 AM #1793    

Holly Wright

I may not look my age and from the way I feel this morning, I know I didn't act my age last night.

One of the best gifts a parent of a teenager could get is a breathalizer machine. I think that if I were to check myself right now, I would register around a .10 which after having three crown/water, I blew a .30

Nothing says Xmas like a bunch of your cousins checking to see who has the highest bac!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday - safe travels

12/26/08 07:16 PM #1794    

Tommy Flanagan

Holly- Only in Arkansas do they do that!

12/29/08 12:53 PM #1795    

Jennifer Fisher

I hope everyone will have a great New Year in 2009. Be safe and have a wonderful time. Remember to watch OU and Florida. Go Sooners I am a fanatic

12/31/08 08:40 AM #1796    

Holly Wright

WOOOOOOPIG - the little team that could beat the Sooners last night.

I wish you all a very Happy 2009! Be safe out there tonight and always.

12/31/08 11:26 PM #1797    

Freddie Ferguson

Happy new year. And thanks to all who showed up to dirtys.It was a freakin great time.See everyone next time.

01/06/09 05:43 PM #1798    

Marquita Pogue

Just a quick update on my head. The shunt came out with no difficulties and I recovered at home over the Christmas break. I had my staples removed today and the doctor is very pleased with how good everything looks. I don't go back for another 3 months and at that time will have another MRI just to make sure everything is looking like it should in my head. Thanks to everyone who sent up prayers and kept good thoughts flowing my way. What a great group of people to belong to!

01/07/09 05:59 PM #1799    

Marquita Pogue

Hey Travis, I'm sure you can understand just as well as anyone how good it feels to finally feel good. Now, if my hair would grow back I would be a very happy camper!

01/08/09 08:56 AM #1800    

Holly Wright

Go Sooners!! Lets hope that Tim Tebow has an off night and Sam Bradford kicks some Gator arse!

I will probably be banned from the bar by not cheering for an SEC team. I will be thinking of you as I watch the game from the curbside.

01/09/09 01:28 PM #1801    

Kim Hicks

--------------THANKS CLASS OF 1988----------------------

Hello everyone, I haven't been on here since I got engaged at our reunion. I apologize for not getting this out earlier. I wanted to thank everyone for their hard work before and after the reunion. It definitely will be a Reunion I will never forget. The engagement went better than I expected and the fiance was surprised to say the least. Everyone in California and everyone at the Reunion knew about the engagement , it was nice that the only people didn't know anything about it was my fiance(Annette) and my family. I want to thank Michelle Butler for arranging the half-time jumbo tron and Brad Whitfield for doing a flip and the whole Reunion for showing class and keeping it a secret from Annette.
Shortly after the engagement, Annette and I eloped to Las Vegas and got married the week of Thanksgiving. We had a great trip and stayed in the Venetian Hotel. So far my favorite rooms in Vegas to date, I liked it better than Wynn. Pictures to come.
So once again THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was so great to see so many people from High School. It is great to be part of a CLassy Class.
On a side note. I really loved seeing everyone there, you guys would be a great reason for us to move back to BA, but then I would have to get away from my 70 degree weather here in cali.

01/11/09 05:02 AM #1802    

Jennifer Sabrina/Jen Allen

Hi A/all

so, i didn't see this, but my mom did. She said the BA Pride was in the rose parade, but that the school colors were Black, Red, and White. i questioned her to make sure that it was BA she saw. She said the banner was Broken Arrow and that the show showed a location map. No doubt in her mind.

Have the colors changed!?!

Have a Happy!

01/11/09 09:21 PM #1803    

Marquita Pogue

Yes, it was the Pride of Broken Arrow in the parade and their uniforms were different colors but BA colors are still black and gold. They looked very sharp and sounded great!

01/12/09 09:40 AM #1804    

Holly Wright

Ok, so the OU game didn't go so well. I think the bartender messed with my drinks because Friday morning I didn't feel so well. I believe that there were only two other people in the bar besides me cheering for OU. For some reason if you didn't like Florida, you still needed to cheer for the SEC. Who knew?

01/13/09 04:18 PM #1805    

Christy Richmond (Aday)

Hey Dee,

Happy Birthday, girl! Hope you enjoyed your day.

01/19/09 08:33 PM #1806    

Jennifer Sabrina/Jen Allen

Thanks Marquita :)

01/20/09 12:55 PM #1807    

Steve Allen-1989

Calling all former BA Wrestlers and Wrestling Cheerleaders. The Broken Arrow High School wrestling team will be having Alumni Night January 22 @ the BA High School Gym. If you ever wrestled or cheered for Broken Arrow at any level come out and support the teams. The Jr. High and High School both will be in action againt Owasso. Please arive around 6:00 pm. Any questions just let me know.

Hell you dont have to be a wrestler to come out and watch, EVEYONE is invited to come to the alumni event and we can all go out after! Buffalo Wild Wings is just right around the corner.

01/29/09 08:12 AM #1808    

Amy Alvarez

Hi everyone!
It's been quite a while since I posted on here. I didn't have the internet at home for a while...boy did I feel disconnected from the world!
Glad to have it back! And glad to be back in contact with our wonderful bunch of people!
It will take me a week at least to read through what I've missed!
Just wanted to say a quick hello & hope to meet up with some of you again soon!

Love, light & happiness to all!
...A =)

01/29/09 04:59 PM #1809    

Dee Christner

hey amy...glad to have you back. i havent been on in awhile either.

everyone come join us for sushi at asahi tomorrow night around 8!

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