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01/30/09 09:53 AM #1810    

Neal Riggins

Good to see you post Amy. I havn't posted much here either lately, but have been keeping up with a lot of you guys on Facebook

02/02/09 09:32 AM #1811    

Jules Marshall (King)

Hi Amy - hope you're well. Send me a message!

It's snowing here in England!

Jules King (nee Marshall)

02/07/09 08:23 AM #1812    

John Crow

heres the deal i help coach my daughters softball team competitive softball pricey so we do fund raisers through out the the year the one we are working on now is on march 14th we will be at cowboy sharkies 57 and memorial from 6 to ?? we have a large banquet room that will hold over 100 people for every dollar spent we will receive 40 cents a friend of ours did it and made about $500 they didn't do anything but tell their families we get that money on liquor sales also ( calling donnie hill calling chad malone calling tina emerson calling jon law) :>) we picked the date because well its my birthday and since several of my friends didnt come to the reunion life gets in the way sometimes i thought it would be cool to see everybody and help the girls if it goes good the gm there said we could make it a monthly thing which would be awesome living in a small town some families are not as blessed as some of us and i hate it when a girl has to quit ball because her parents can't pay and with the economy the way it is sponsors are hard to come by so we get together eat a good meal we will be playing music not to loud just music will be doing the drawing for our raffle an autographed jennie finch bat i got a few weeks ago and holding an auction about 9pm of different items we have had donated to the team cameron oliver david siegmann (89) and scott christian have rsvped me of course hope everybody can come out please pass this to as many people as you can also if you can make it e-mail so i can kinda give the restaurant an idea you dont have to just show if you want also if you cant make it but still want to help the girls go to click on players click on kenzie "the cobra" crow and you can paypal a donation.

thanks for reading call with any questions

john crow 918-902-1810

02/07/09 12:57 PM #1813    

Jennifer Fisher

I found out last week that there is a gathering for classes 86-88 at CJ Maloney's in BA on February 21st at 8pm. To RSVP to Jennifer Atkinson.

02/07/09 09:07 PM #1814    

Shawn Meffert

My and Joe Hillenburgs ('89) band Dressed to Kill, Kiss tribute, will be playing that night. Any questions ask Amy Alverez, she had a great time when she saw us last.

02/28/09 12:18 PM #1815    

Dee Christner

Where has everyone gone? Its been awhile since anyone has posted anything. How is everyone doing?

03/02/09 10:00 AM #1816    

Holly Wright

I'm still here Dee. Little Rock has been sorta quiet. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm in need of a SPRING BREAK!

Also, just a footnote....

the spring 2009 kickball season starts this Sunday! If any of you find yourself in the Little Rock area on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, feel free to grab your cooler, sit back and watch me make a fool out of myself. Quality entertainment!

03/05/09 06:32 PM #1817    

Dee Christner

Guess everyone keeps in touch on facebook now. Im slowly, but surely, getting the hang of it.

03/06/09 07:21 AM #1818    

Marquita Pogue

Ok all - is anyone interested in going to the Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, Poison concert at the BOK on Saturday, Aug. 22?

03/06/09 10:28 AM #1819    

Holly Wright

How could anyone, any of us miss three of the best rockin hair bands of all time. I'll keep this in mind.

Let me also add that Little Rock does Riverfest on Memorial Day Weekend. This years headliners are Gavin Rossdale, B-52's, Little River Band, Heart and Willie Nelson. I've seen great artists, old & new at this thing and the best part - $12.50 for all three days. Picture being on the banks of Arkansas River, great food, arts & crafts, stuff for kids (big & little), plenty of drinks and all capped off with fireworks on Sunday night.

03/07/09 08:17 AM #1820    

Julie Hawkins (Greathouse)

Steve, thanks for having the automatic email to make sure everyone keeps their info up to date. i know myself including needs extra reminders nowadays to keep up with stuff (not that anything with me has changed to update lol)

See everyone over on Facebook now i guess.

03/22/09 12:38 PM #1821    

Dee Christner

I think Im still waiting on the video that was suppose to be in my bag.
Also, are we still having get togethers? I missed the last 2-3.

03/23/09 06:03 PM #1822    

Marquita Pogue

I am still waiting on a t-shirt and the DVD. And I don't think we have had a get together for a while.

03/25/09 12:09 PM #1823    

Steve Hayman

I am trying to get an answer on the shirts, dvd's, etc but haven't heard back yet

04/08/09 04:43 PM #1824    

Marquita Pogue

I saw the neurologist yesterday and everything is looking really good. I don't have to go back for another MRI or appointment for 1 year.

04/18/09 02:52 AM #1825    

Kandyce Kraisinger (Mitchell)

Great news Marquita! Hope to see you in OKC next week...I need an evening of cocktails and gossip!

04/29/09 03:22 PM #1826    

Neal Riggins

Just checking in. Hope all are well.

06/10/09 11:01 AM #1827    

William Garringer

I know most everyone is over on Facebook staying in touch, so I manly just come on here to see which new people have registered and to check on what obscure place John Carter says he is now living.

07/09/09 03:11 PM #1828    

Kim Hicks

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am now married to my lovely and talented wife. God is really great to us. Thanks for everyone who helped with a great reunion, can't believe it will be 21 years now. We are heading to Vegas at the end of the Month so if anyone is out in vegas too, look us up.

07/22/09 12:11 PM #1829    

Tangela Brown

Hello to All! I pray that everyone is doing well and is blessed!

Marquita...See ya in Sept for our cruise girlfriend!!

Everyone take care! God Bless!

09/02/09 12:48 PM #1830    

Brent Ford

Hey everyone! hows it going. Everyone seems busy busy busy. Does anyone have any info on who puts together project graduation? I have a new comedy hypnosis act that would be great for the grads. Any help would be great.Thanks

09/15/09 07:25 PM #1831    

Julie Hawkins (Greathouse)

attention all classmates, I thought it would be a great idea to do a get together here in the DFW area.

Neal Riggins & i have been talking about doing something like it here in DFW/TX ever since our class reunion last fall. So here are the details. (ps i have also put the info on my facebook & here shortly will be adding it on my myspace. (seems some of us are here, there & there but not @ all 3)

Sneaky Petes @ Lake Lewisville

Sat Sept 26th 2009 around 6/6:30pm - ???

there is lots to do @ the lake so just let me know if u'd like to hang out @ the lake earlier in the day.

feel free to call with questions or ideas.

Julie Hawkins Greathouse
469 322-0149

01/04/10 02:02 AM #1832    

Paul Rhodes

Hello everyone. I hope 2010 finds you well. Things are good for me down here in south MS. It's been real cold however. Can't believe we have been out of high school for almost twenty one years. I sometimes think of how much fun high school was. Whenever my kids say school isn't fun, I can't relate. Because BA class of 88 was a blast.
Anyway, I'm on FB if anyone wants to look me up. You will find me under Paul M Rhodes (Gulfport MS)

God Bless you and yours....P Rhodes

11/19/10 06:09 PM #1833    

Brent Ford

Sad news Mr. Yeager B.A.H.S. techer passed awy this morning.

05/23/16 06:03 PM #1834    

Dee Christner

THE DATE HAS BEEN SET!! Friday, July 29th from 8:30 pm to 2:00 a.m. at the Caravan of course!!

Do you LOVE 80s music, adult drinks, the Caravan and/or dancing?? I'd love to see you all at this fun Reunion!! We are working on contests, commemorative t-shirts (with the proceeds possibly going to a charity), photos and more! Didn't make it to your class reunion? Well now's your chance to grab those friends and make your own reunion!! SPREAD THE WORD, SHARE, SHARE AND SHARE!! Do you have connections with TV, Radio or Tulsa World? GET THE WORD OUT!!


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