Meeting pics







Brad Whitfield, Julie Reed, Terry & Jennifer Oard, Michelle Butler

Deanne Dutton, Marquita Pogue and Jennifer Fisher

Dee Christner, Tommy Flanagan, Serena, Deana and Dru

Jamey Hooper, Chad Malone, Melinda Sherry and Shelly Barnett

Tommy and Dru

Tommy and Kevin

Tommy and Amy Alvarez






Angie Crotts Fritz and Angie Ackley Schrader

Angie Crotts Fritz and Chad Malone

Angie Crotts Fritz, Chad Malone and Jeff Pendergraft

Carol Berry and her son Anthony

Cheryl Oldham Echevarria and Kelly Austin

Fire Marshall "Bill"..Bozo the clown has nothing to worry about

Janet Greenwood Varnell and husband Roy Varnell

Jeff Pendergraft and Shae Roggendorf

Jeff Pendergraft, Carol Berry and Joe Krout

Jennifer Fisher and Marquita Pogue

Joe Krout and Tina Emerson Torres

Kalah Voorhies Irving, Tina Emerson Torres and Angie Crotts Fritz

Kalah, Angie, Angie, Deana and Tina


Sarena Stolaberger and Troy Irving

Shae Roggendorg and Stephanie Cobb Maniscalco

Stephanie Cobb Maniscalco and Kelly Austin

Stephanie Cobb Maniscalco, Natalie Sorgnard Large and Carol Berry

Tina Emerson Torres and Carol Berry

Tommy Flanagan and Kelly Austin

Tommy Flanagan, Dan Schrader and Donnie Hill

Tommy Flanagan, Capt Morgan and Kelly Austin


Scotty Harper and Brad Whitfield

Brad Whitfield and Tommy Flanagan

Carol Berry and Tommy Flanagan

Joe Krout, Jeff Pendergraft, Steve Hayman and Tommy Flanagan

Michelle Butler and Melinda Sherry

Tricia Doll and Scotty Harper

Deanne Dutton, Shae Roggendorf and Candace Corcoran

Shae Roggendorf, Chad Malone and Brad Whitfield

Tommy Flanagan and Brian Wilton

Tommy Flanagan, Scotty Harper and Neal Riggins


Candace Corcoran, Tommy Flanagan, Carol Berry and Shae Roggendorf

Neal Riggins and Jennifer Bolesta

Melinda Sherry and Michelle Stephenson

Candace Corcoran, Tina Emerson and Jennifer Bolesta

Chad Malone, Carol Berry and Jennifer Bolesta

Joe Krout and Deanne Dutton

Jennafer Leone, Natalie Sorgnard and Candace Corcoran

Alison and Neal Riggins, Jennifer Fisher

Tina Emerson and Jennifer Bolesta


Scotty Harper and Tricia Doll

Jeff Pendergraft, Tricia Doll, Scotty Harper and Tina Emerson

Tommy Flanagan, ????, Sarena Stolaberger

Tommy Flanagan and Sarena Stolaberger

Tina Emerson and Brian Wilton

Tommy, Tina, Sarena, Brian, Tricia, Jeff and Shae